13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

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13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Bones Coffee is a company based in Florida whose mission is to provide small-batch roasts of coffee to ensure quality and flavor. Bones Coffee roasts the batch after you’ve ordered it to make sure you get the freshest coffee possible delivered to your door. And one of the main things that intrigues me is that they have a wide selection of interestingly flavored coffees!

If you’re a die-hard coffee aficionado, these flavored coffees may not be for you. But if you aren’t too particular about your coffees, these may suit your tastes! I can’t speak for the die-hards because my coffee palate is quite unrefined. Though some self-proclaimed coffee snobs have found flavors with Bones that they absolutely love.

I love trying flavored anything and coffee is one of the best things to experiment with flavor-wise, in my opinion. So here are 12 of the best coffee flavors from Bones Coffee Company that you should try this year!

*Flavors often switch out and may not be available at the time of reading

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1. Red Velvet

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

This limited edition coffee flavor brings cake to your coffee. The smooth red velvet flavor is just noticeable in this medium roast. With a hint of chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting, this flavor is sure to have you ready for more.

2. Maple Bacon

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

A few years back bacon-everything became all the rage. People were rushing out to buy bacon toothpaste, bacon stickers, bacon ice cream! We’ve compiled a list of crazy bacon-flavored products here.

Bones Coffee Co jumped on the bacon train and Maple Bacon is their most popular flavour. The bacon is very subtle, more a hint of smokiness than anything, but the maple comes through in sweetness. This is a perfect way to start your day.

3. S’mores

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Growing up in the bush, s’mores were, and still are, an integral part of summer. Though I find actual s’mores too sweet to have more than one, s’mores flavored coffee is sure to tone it down a little. This roast has flavors of chocolate and marshmallow with a slight hint of graham cracker. Take this cup and transport yourself back to the campfire.

4. Fruity Cereal

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Why have sugary cereals and coffee on the side when you can have them all in one cup? Electric Unicorn is Bones’ fruity cereal flavored coffee. The sweet fruit flavor is reminiscent of Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles. As Froot Loops are my favourite childhood cereal (and Cinnamon Toast Crunch has taken over through adulthood), this one is a win for me!

5. French Toast

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

More breakfast in a cup! Bones’ French Toast coffee adds a buttery toast flavor to your morning joe. Maple syrup and vanilla highlight the flavor with a slight bit of cinnamon. This rich flavored coffee and its heavenly aroma will have everyone around you asking where the breakfast buffet is.

6. Carrot Cake

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Here for a limited time over the Easter Season, Carrot Cake coffee combines everything we love about this sweet treat and our coffee. Spices like cinnamon swirl together with the sweet carrot cake flavor and cream cheese frosting. Carrot cake may be divisive in the people who love it and those who disown it, but hopefully, this coffee is a hit for nearly everyone.

7. Strawberry Cheesecake

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Though most people say the cheesecake flavor isn’t very noticeable, this coffee still adds a lovely strawberry taste to your palate. The aroma is strong and the taste of the strawberry is not overpowering. A lovely hint of fruit to spice up your coffee.

8. Banana, Rum, and Vanilla

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

This dessert coffee takes one of New Orleans’ most famous desserts and adds it to your coffee. Banana, rum, vanilla, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon mix together to create a sweet experience for the senses.

9. Peanut Butter and Jelly

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Grape jelly, of course. You know, in Canada (at least where I grew up), grape jelly just wasn’t really a thing. It was usually strawberry or raspberry that graced our PB&J sandwiches. I always wondered why jelly was purple in cartoons. It wasn’t until I was with friends in the states that I discovered the deliciousness that is grape jelly. Though I’d still choose raspberry any day.

Anyway, this amazing coffee flavor attempts to recreate the smooth peanut butter and sweet jelly in coffee form. Quoted by one as “the best coffee I’ve ever had” you can’t go wrong at least giving this one a try.

10. Chocolate Orange

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas besides…everything… is Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. I’m pretty sure I eat my weight in chocolate oranges every year. And now I can drink them too! This coffee blends the sweet, creamy chocolate taste with the tang of oranges for a flavorful mouthful and intoxicating aroma. Called “seriously addicting” by one consumer, this coffee allows you the taste of a chocolate orange with far fewer nutritional deficits.

11. Blueberry

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

I’m not a huge blueberry fan myself, but I’d be selfish to hide this from the blueberry lovers out there. One reviewer claims this coffee changed her life, another says it’s the flavor they hope never goes out of stock. The coffee balances out the sweetness of the blueberry with the savory medium roast, giving you a coffee that is not overwhelmingly sweet.

12. Pistachio

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

Pistachio, though probably my favorite nut to eat on its own, is not a flavour I would have pegged for coffee. A buttery smooth nutty flavor permeates this coffee to give you a subtle but unique flavour. Great for hot or iced coffee, this coffee is sure to have people wondering what exactly gives it its flavor.

13. Key Lime Pie

13 of the Best Coffee Flavors to try in 2020!

I’ve never had key lime pie but for some reason, I’m 90% sure I know exactly what it tastes like. This coffee adds the tang of limes with the creamy topping and a graham crumble crust. Perfect to have with real pie or on its own. This is a bit of an exclusive flavor in that you either love it or hate it, but those who love it sing its praises from the rooftops. Add a little creamer and it’s almost exactly like you’re having pie.

Which of these coffees are you most eager to try? Let us know in the comments!

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