14 Fictional Foods You Can Actually Eat!

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14 Fictional Foods You Can Actually Eat!

Television shows, movies, and books often go into great detail about the fictional world’s they exist in. They invent companies, cities, and most intriguingly, foods. If you’ve ever seen a fictional food that you were dying to try, there’s good news. Many fictional foods have become novelty products that you can actually buy and eat yourself! So here’s a list of fictional foods you can actually eat!

1. Reptar Bar

Reptar Bars were a candy bar from the cartoon series Rugrats. According to the show, it consists of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and green stuff. A key feature of the candy bar was that it would turn the tongue green of anyone who ate it. Reptar Bars appeared throughout the show, with the children in hot pursuit of them.

In the show, the Reptar Bar was actually in the shape of Reptar, the fictional dinosaur. F.Y.E stores began producing real-life Reptar Bars. Though they are not in the shape of the dinosaur, nor do they contain nuts or caramel, these chocolate bars with a green icing filling do stay true to the claim of turning your tongue green.

Reptar Bars can be found on Amazon or on FYE.com

Sources: Rugrats Fandom | FYE

Note: FYE Seems to currently be out of or no longer selling Reptar Bars as of March 2020

They are currently still available on Amazon

2. Eyeholes

Eyehole Man is a character from the adult cartoon Rick and Morty. He lays claim to all of the world’s eyeholes and attacks anyone caught with a box of eyeholes in their possession. Rick has a box of eyeholes he keeps hidden, and Jerry, upon attempting to steal the box gets attacked by Eyehole Man.

Thankfully no one is out selling actual eyeholes (not sure it even possible???) however FYE has done it again and produced a product called Eyeholes that is packaged identically to the product on the bizarre cartoon. FYE’s product is a box of white chocolate truffles with a green, strawberry-flavoured filling. Just make sure Eyehole Man doesn’t catch you with a box of his precious Eyeholes.

Sources: Rick and Morty Fandom | FYE

Note: As of March 2020 they are out of stock at FYE. However you can find them here.

3. Saturday Night Live Collection

Saturday Night Live's Super Colon Blow Cereal | 14 Fictional Foods You Can Actually Eat!

Saturday Night Live creates many parody commercials for products that don’t exist. Or do they? Some examples of joke-products they’ve advertised are Colon Blow, an incredibly high fibre cereal, and Schweddy Balls, a Christmas treat.

FYE once again provides real-life versions of these fictional treats. For your pleasure.

Sources: FYE Super Colon Blow | FYE Schweddy Balls

4. Sweetums Frooties!

For the big boned citizens of Pawnee from the hit television show Parks and Recreation, Sweetums factory produces a number of high-fructose corn syrup filled products. One such product is a sugary soda called Frooties. Once again, FYE has produced this product in real life, though their version is an energy drink, making it probably even less healthy than the fictional version.

Source: FYE

5. Krusty O’s

Krusty O's Cereal | 14 Fictional Foods You Can Actually Eat!

Krusty O’s are a fictional cereal brand from the adult cartoon The Simpsons. The cereal is promoted by Krusty the Clown and each box contains something dangerous, like a jagged metal Krusty O, or Flesh Eating Bacteria.

A real-life, less dangerous version was created for a limited time. Boxes have been saved by die hard fans who are now selling them for high prices on places like EBay. On average, they’re being listed as $20+ a box. Though my guess is you wouldn’t want to eat them anymore as they’re likely far past their best before date.

Source: Simpsons Fandom

As of March 2020, this link has some for sale.

6. Chocolate Frogs

The world of Harry Potter created a great deal of fictional foods. One such snack that Harry discovers on his first train ride to Hogwarts are Chocolate Frogs. These enchanted frogs made of chocolate actually hop around. And each package comes with a card of a famous witch or wizard.

Chocolate Frogs can be bought from various places online, though these ones don’t move about so much.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios has the most authentic packaging in relation to the ones shown in the movies.

Source: Harry Potter Fandom

Buy Here!

7. Toot Sweets

Toot Sweets are the “eatable, tweetable treat” that appear in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. There’s an entire song dedicated to these tiny treats that double as a whistle. No one has made an official “Toot Sweet”, but Chupa Chups have Melody Pops, a hard lollipop that can also be used as a whistle. Melody Pops may even be better than the fictional candy because the stick contains a slide, allowing you to change the note produced by the candy and maybe even play an actual song!

Source: Wikipedia

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8. Slurm

Slurm was an energy drink that appeared in the adult cartoon Futurama. The product’s motto was “It’s highly addictive!” An energy drink in the real world was produced with the Slurm label, but as it was a limited edition product, it’s now difficult to find and pricey when you do come across it. I’m talking $25 a can.

From reviews I’ve seen, the energy drink itself is nothing special. You’re paying for the experience of indulging in a fictional product. And/or keeping the can as a collector’s item. Empty or full.

Source: Geek Alerts

9. Butterbeer

Butterbeer is another product that comes from the world of Harry Potter. Recipes for it abound across the internet, but you can purchase official butterbeer as well. Like root beer or ginger beer, this is a non-alcoholic drink. It’s described as tasting “a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch”.

Though some fans say the most authentic butterbeer comes from the theme park, you can also buy “Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer” online. But perhaps it’s more cost effective to make it yourself with one of the numerous recipes found online.

Source: Harry Potter Fandom

Buy Here!

10. Scooby Snacks

Scooby Snax or Scooby Snacks are the favourite treat of cartoon dog Scooby-Doo and his best friend Shaggy. Unclear if they’re a treat meant for people, dogs, or both, they make a regular appearance on the show. Various forms of the snack have appeared in real life, from vanilla wafer cookies to graham crackers shaped like dog bones. There’s even an official Scooby Snacks dog treats brand.

Source: Wikipedia

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11. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Bertie Bott’s Ever Flavour Beans are yet another Harry Potter treat. Jelly beans that could taste like anything, from chocolate to earwax, these were a popular treat for the young wizards to risk tasting. Jelly Belly began producing the every flavor beans so that even us muggles could get a chance to eat the worst tasting jelly beans known to man.

Source: Harry Potter Fandom

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12. Duff Beer

Duff Beer was a brand of beer that appeared on the Simpson’s as Homer’s favourite brand. It is meant to parody cheap beer that is mass-produced throughout America and heavily marketed. Their various versions, such as Duff Lite, are revealed to be the same beers in different packaging, but no one notices the difference. Various companies throughout the years have tried to capitalize on the fictional brand, labelling themselves with Duff Beer. It’s caused a number of legal issues, but it isn’t difficult to get your hands on a bottle or can of the fictional beer brand.

Source: Wikipedia

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13. Pepsi Perfect

Pepsi Perfect was a futuristic imagining of a vitamin-enriched Pepsi drink. It appeared in Back to the Future, costing $45 in the film. Pepsi released a limited number of Pepsi Perfect drinks in 2015, the date that Marty consumed the drink in the film. Because of their limited numbers, they’re difficult to find these days, and as with the other limited edition products on this list, they can cost you quite a bit. And by a bit I’m talking $100-$400.

Source: Back to the Future Fandom

Buy Here!

14. Cheesy Poofs

Cheesy Poofs are a fictional food from South Park mentioned in the pilot episode. They made various appearances in the early seasons but pretty much disappeared later on. They have been released on more than one occasion in real life in limited edition batches. Again, there are some packages still floating around on the internet, but unless you want the packaging itself, it’s probably easier to just buy a bag of Cheetos and call it a day.

Source: South Park Fandom

Which of these fictional foods are you most interested in trying? Would you ever pay $25 for a fictional energy drink? How about $400 for some collectible Pepsi? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Afonso Zhu says:

    When were the Krusty O’s available? This is awesome, I’m such a huge simpsons fan and especially Krusty the Clown. I do hope they make some more and have them available so I can get a fresh one. The Scooby doo ones are also interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice article!

    • CJ GreeneCJ Greene says:

      Krusty O’s was made limited edition in 2007. Maybe you could write to the company that produced them and convince them to do it again! 

  2. Michel says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know that some of these foods actually existed, although I have heard of them in some of the stories that you mentioned. I wonder if they taste any good? I think that the chocolate frogs look about the best.

    Clever of manufacturers to come up with foods that are used in movies, as everyone who has seen the movie would obviously buy the food type if they were to see it, even if it were just out of curiosity.

    Why is the Pepsi Perfect so rare I wonder?

    • CJ GreeneCJ Greene says:

      Hello Michel! 

      The Pepsi Perfect is so rare because they only made a few and they only made them once. So once those were bought up, there’s no more left. Limited edition, they call it.

      I think I most want to try the Reptar Bar. 😀 

  3. Shanta Rahman says:

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us .And I love to eat, so I always look for imaginary foods for myself and my baby. Because these foods are very interesting to my baby and I purchase them to highlight some of the fun history. Dinosaurs are no longer seen, but my fascination with imaginary foods fascinates me. Reptar Bar’s Cartoon Series Rugrats feature a candy bar and they contain chocolate, nuts, caramel, and the main feature of the candy bar is the greening of the tongue which attracts my baby very much. I purchased these chocolate bars after F.Y.E stores started producing real-life raptor bars. 

    In addition to this I discovered some more Fictional Foods  through your article that I will be purchasing for my family soon and will definitely share our new experiences with you.

  4. Teri says:

    I loved reading about all these fictional foods made real! My daughter is a massive Harry Potter fan and has tried chocolate frogs (nothing difficult there), Butterbeer ice-cream (far too sweet and sickly for me), and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (though why anyone would pay to eat something that tasted like earwax or vomit is beyond me). I think the thing I’d most like to try from your list is the Toot Sweets. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food! 

    • CJ GreeneCJ Greene says:

      I’m excited to try more Harry Potter snacks this year when I go to the Wizarding World theme park! I agree. I’m far too chicken to play around with Bertie Botts Beans! Thanks for reading!

  5. Perryline says:

    This Is such an amazing article everyone has to focus on. This article has really educated me on good food to eat and drink. I also layed my focus on butterbear. I love the fact that’s it’s non-alcoholic. but I really want to know more on these products and the ones that serves best. Thank you on such a mind blowing article and I wish to get an answer to my question. Have a nice day

    • CJ GreeneCJ Greene says:

      I don’t know what your question was, so I’m not sure how to answer it. But thanks for reading!

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