35 of the World’s Most Unusual Restaurants

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35 of the World’s Most Unusual Restaurants

The world is full of adventures and unusual experiences. And sometimes, we try to make it just a little weirder.

Have you ever wanted to eat out of a toilet bowl? How about be insulted by your waiter? Well now you can with 35 of the world’s most unusual restaurants.

Pop Culture

35 of the World's Most Unusual Restaurants

Central Perk – China

Located in a shopping mall in China is a meticulously detailed recreation of the iconic coffee shop from the television show Friends. The owner, who describes the show as his religion, has also recreated Joey’s apartment next door. This is a MUST for any Friends fans visiting the area.

H.R. Giger Bar – Switzerland

For any and all fans of H.R. Giger, this bar located in its namesake’s museum is completed decorated in the style of Giger’s Alien movie art. Everything looks as if it’s made of bones, giving the place a very eerie feel, especially to those unfamiliar with the film. It’s an unnervingly beautiful display that you absolutely must see.

Beetle House – New York

Inspired by the works of Tim Burton, Edgar Allen Poe, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, and others, the Beetle House is like never ending Halloween. Originally a pop-up restaurant, popularity allowed it to become a permanent station. Each table is served by performers and the aura is spoooooky.

The Lockhart – Canada

Due to copywrites, this bar labels themselves as an apothecary themed bar inspired by Harry Potter, rather than a Harry Potter themed bar. Either way, this bar with two locations in Canada holds magic nights and trivia nights, potion making and drag bingo. The drinks are called potions and elixirs and the atmosphere is magical. Due to a publication that went viral less than 24 hours after the grand opening, The Lockhart became an overnight sensation. It has been featured in countless magazines and travel blogs in it’s short time.

Interactive Experience

35 of the World's Most Unusual Restaurants

SafeHouse – Wisconsin

SafeHouse is a spy-themed restaurant where guests must utter the secret password in order to gain entry to the “exclusive” establishment. If the password is unknown to you, you must pass a clearance test to prove you are not an enemy spy. Menu Items have spy-themed names and all of the wait staff are in character.

Ninja Restaurant – New York

After being led through a long maze and given your scroll-like menu, this restaurant, which has you served by ninja-magicians, only gets weirder. Certain dishes come with a magic-show and each table is secluded. Most reviews say the highlight of this restaurant is the environment and that the food, especially when combined with the high prices, falls flat. But if you’re looking for a bizarre night of ninja fun, this is the place to go!

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant – Italy

This restaurant is not open full-time. Rather, it opens on occasion as part of a prison program and charity. Run inside a prison, guests are served by inmates who also cook the food under the guidance of famous chefs. It’s certainly an experience.

Mad Rex – Pennsylvania

When you step into Mad Rex, you’ve stepped into an alternate universe. A universe where the world is in shambles and those of you inside are some of the few survivors. This post-apocalyptic themed restaurant aims to put you back in your childhood make believe. With people playing the parts and the environment being detailed and story-oriented. There are shrines to various vigilantes of Mad Rex’s personal lore. And a virtual reality lounge where guests are invited to game in VR.

O.NOIR – Canada

Dining in the dark. With two locations in Canada, this restaurant aims to allow its guests to experience a dinner with visual impairment. They claim that tastes are more intense when your sense of sight is depleted, as well as hoping to raise awareness about visual impairment. The entire waitstaff consists of persons with visual impairments.

Kinderkookkafe – Netherlands

This adorable restaurant in the Netherlands allows your children to cook, serve, and clean! There’s a small cafe type set-up for young kids to bake cookies and make sandwiches, and a 3-course meal restaurant on Saturdays for older children to cook.

Dick’s Last Resort – US

Dick’s Last Resort is a chain of restaurants around the US where the main attraction is how rude everyone is. Wait staff treat the guests horribly and expect to be insulted in return. It’s a rather strange environment, and you must go in with the intention of not being offended, because you’re signing yourself up for this. Complete with a male stripper this restaurant is probably not kid-friendly.

Zauo – Japan

This unusual restaurant in Japan takes fresh seafood to a whole new level. When you enter, you rent a fishing pole and catch your own dinner in the restaurant’s pond-like tank! The fish you catch is then prepared for you to eat.

Mysteriously Yours – Canada

More than a show, this murder mystery dinner puts it’s patrons in the heart of the action. You become a part of the story, using clues to figure out who dunnit. Actors will mingle at the tables and get to know the guests before someone is declared dead. Clue sheets are provided for you to keep track of the information you’re given and prizes are drawn from the correct guesses. It’s quite pricey, but you are being given both dinner and a live theatre performance.

Bors Hede Inne – Washington

Located in a medieval village, this unusual restaurant tries to recreate the feel of having a meal in the 14th century. Guests are invited to use their fingers in place of forks and dishes are as close to 14th century meals as possible. When you’re done your meal, explore the rest of Camlann village as you wander through the historical living museum.

Oasis Surf – Canada

This unusual restaurant and bar in Canada offers an indoor surfing pool to go along with your meal. Surfboards can be rented and people of all abilities are invited to give surfing a try. Helmets are provided and a small 2-foot wave is available for beginners. Body boards are also available and a 4-6 foot wave can be made for more experienced surfers.

Zingara Cucina – Australia

What started as gatherings of friends became an underground restaurant. Though anyone may now dine with Zingara Cucina, reservations are a must. This restaurant has no fixed location and pops-up somewhere different each time. The groups are small with the intention of meeting new friends and getting to know each other over food in an obscure location.


35 of the World's Most Unusual Restaurants

Cabbages and Condoms – Thailand, England, and Japan

Cabbages and Condoms is now a series of resorts and restaurants! This birth control themed restaurant started as a small vegetable stand that also sold underwear and birth control. They are now an award-winning restaurant that promotes safe-sex throughout Thailand and donates programs in primary health, HIV/AIDS, rural development, environment and water, and more through the PDA (Population and Community Development Association). The tagline on their website says, “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”. Well, I hope so. Cabbages and condoms has a bright, colourful atmosphere. Some locations have performances, and there are mannequins decked out in outfits made from, you guessed it, condoms.

Modern Toilet -Taiwan

According to Modern Toilet’s website, the idea came about when one of the founders was reading a manga called “Dr. Slump on the Toilet”. They began by selling dishes in containers shaped like a toilet before evolving to a fully themed restaurant where guests eat while sitting on toilets and many of the dishes are served in small toilets or on “toilet seat-lid plates”.

Trailer Park Lounge – New York

This unusual restaurant in New York is a celebration of all things “white trash”. The owners built the tackiest restaurant they could think of, stuffed with souvenirs and eye-roll inducing posters and an overdone tiki-palm tree theme. Everything about this screams horrible, and that’s exactly what they’re going for.

Airplane Restaurant – Colorado

In 2002, a Boeing KC-97 Tanker from 1953 was given new life as a restaurant! The interior was replaced with booths and the actual aircraft itself can fit 45 people. The Airplane restaurant has a building attached with all sorts of airplane memorabilia and extra seating for the unfortunate few that don’t make it in time to eat in the aircraft.

Chillout Ice Lounge – Dubai

Dine at -6 C! This ice lounge in Dubai is built out of ice. The tables and chairs are ice, there are ice sculptures everywhere, an ominous number of icicles hang from the ceiling like a spike trap waiting to lower down onto your head, and pink and blue lighting create a cool atmosphere… as if the ice wasn’t enough. There’s an entrance fee of a little over $20 and you’re given a complimentary drink as well as the ability to buy more from the menu. Cold drinks are served in glasses made of ice and Hot drinks are served here as well!

Rainforest Cafe – US and Canada

The Rainforest Cafe wants to put you in the heart of the rain forest. This rain forest themed restaurant feels like walking into a cave with heavy foliage. Animatronic and statue animals abound and the air is filled with the sounds of animals and rain forest ambiance. Truly more jungle themed than rain forest, but we can forgive them. The most thrilling part of dining in the Rainforest Cafe is the regular indoor thunderstorms that boom throughout the restaurant and lightning that flashes around you.

Steam Plant – Washington

This old steam plant was shut down when it was no longer feasible to heat the area using steam. Instead of demolishing the old plant, it was repurposed into a restaurant and brewery. In 2001, The Steam Plant received the National Preservation Honor Award. They hold live music, have a rooftop space, and use lighting on the old stacks to promote charitable and community events.

Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Moroc – Canada

This tiny Toronto restaurant aims to transport you to Morocco. With belly dancers and colourful dining tents where guests sit on cushions, prepare to feel like you’ve left Canada completely when you enter the Sultan’s Tent. Cafe Moroc is more of an indoor cafe experience but the decor does not skimp.

Jekyll and Hyde Club – New York

This horror themed restaurant has everything needed to freak you out and help you lose your appetite. Grotesque mannequins line the walls and food is given monstrous names. This restaurant is perfect for any fans of the macabre. Every 10 minutes something out of the ordinary occurs. Reviews have likened it to a hilarious dinner theatre, stating it’s far more funny than scary.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. – US

There’s not much to say about the Bubba Shrimp Co. other than it’s a direct attempt to capitalize on the fictional restaurant from Forrest Gump. This over the top theme restaurant is littered with Forrest Gump memorabilia and Bubba Gump Shrimp products.

Noble – Canada

In the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia lies an unassuming dessert cafe called The Middle Spoon. But what not everyone knows is that in the basement is a speakeasy, a secret bar of which you must have the password to enter. Getting the password is as easy as signing up for Noble’s email list. And once it’s spoken, you’re ushered into the basement where you find a 1920s style bar. You know it’s open if the cactus light in the window of the Middle Spoon is lit.

Christon Cafe – Japan

The Christon Cafe in Japan in a restaurant whose theme is… Church? But like… real Christian religious symbols mixed in with really odd ones. The room is dark and macabre with cross and coffin shaped menus. Organ music floats through the air as you attempt to eat your meal without feeling really, really, creeped out.


35 of the World's Most Unusual Restaurants

Robot Restaurant – Japan

Some may call it fascinating, others may have no words. This brain-hurting metallic and neon cafe in Tokyo is famous not only for its outrageous decor, but for its massive robot shows. They seem to also have an abundance of wild shows featuring real actresses working alongside/fighting/riding giant robots, such as a giant robot dinosaurs and giant cartoonish critters. Though they serve mainly only drinks and snacks, you’ll certainly get a feast for your eyes.

Medieval Times – Canada and US

Have you ever wanted to step back into Medieval Times? Watch a jousting tournament a la Game of Thrones? Well you can with Medieval Times Dinner Theaters. Guests are sat in an arena setting and your seating arrangement corresponds with the knight you are cheering for. You dine on a four course meal as a live horseback jousting match erupts. There is swordplay and games like flag toss and javelin throwing. The dinner ends in a thrilling conclusion as one of the six knights is victorious

Circus – England

This unique restaurant in England brings the circus to your table. Aerialists, balancers, contortionists, and acrobats of all kinds perform while you dine making this a dinner you’ll never forget.

Tommy Gun’s Garage – Illinois

Tommy Guns is a dinner theatre with a musical comedy performance. This 1920s themed speakeasy is a place for all those who oppose the prohibition to gather and drink. Gangsters and flappers grace the stage and you may be asked to hide your alcohol. Filled with 20s memorabilia, this dinner theatre is sure to leave you wanting to return.

The Magic Castle – California

I can’t gather too much information on the goings-on in the Magic Castle because it’s an exclusive, members only restaurant that requires an annual fee to be a member. A strict, formal dress-code is adhered to as well. Dinner is accompanied by an impressive magic show by only the best magicians. The Magic Castle is serious about magic, which means these are no mere party tricks.


35 of the World's Most Unusual Restaurants

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Maldives

Five meters below the sea lies a glass dome restaurant. As you dine, you’re offered a panoramic view surrounded by sea life. Reservations are a must as it only seats 14 people.


Perlan – Iceland

Perlan is a unique Icelandic restaurant that is a 360 degree rotating glass bubble. Guests are treated to a stunning view of Icelandic scenery. The food is meant to inspire simplicity and authenticity as you spin gently around Reykjavik.

Which of these restaurants are you most eager to visit? Are there any you’ve been to already? Let us know in the comments!

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