5 Nigerian Snacks You Can Try at Home

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5 Nigerian Snacks You Can Try at Home


Nigeria is a country nicknamed the “Giant of Africa”. In a fact that was surprising to me, Nigeria is the world’s second-largest producer of films! I knew India was the first, with Bollywood, but Nigeria comes in second and their film world is often referred to as “Nollywood”.

As with most countries, Nigeria has a culinary culture. Though many African countries share different foods and snacks, there are some that are Nigerian.

Here are some Nigerian Snacks you can try at home!

Tom Tom

Tom Tom is a black and white striped hard candy from Nigeria. It has a very strong menthol flavour, with a hint of eucalyptus. Though it is not really medicine, many people use it as a cough-drop or decongestant due to the strong menthol. I wouldn’t recommend eating too many of these at once!

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Butter Mint

Apparently, when you mix the flavour of butter and mint together you get a truly wonderful snack! Who knew? Not me! Butter and mint certainly don’t sound like two flavours you’d like to combine, but Cadbury’s did with these little, yellow, hard candies. Well, I can’t knock ’em till I try ’em!

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Milo Energy Cube

Now, I don’t know that these are actually made in Nigeria, but they are popular throughout the country. Milo was originally a powdered chocolate drink in many African, Asian, and Oceanic countries. Originally invented in Australia and produced by the Nestle company.

The Milo cube is (or was originally, I’m not sure if it’s changed) available only in Nigeria, Ghana, and Dubai.

The cube is a tiny chocolate cookie in cube form. It’s crunchy, and consumers will either suck on the cube or bite it. Or a combination of both.

I’m definitely excited to try the Milo cube!

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Chin Chin

Chin Chin is a Nigerian snack that is made by frying up a flour dough. It’s simple and crunchy but is a classic snack throughout the African country. Obviously, it is best fresh, but you can buy it as well.

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Kilishi is a type of jerky that originated in Africa. The dried meat is seasoned with a paste made of peanuts and other spices. It can be kept for a few months. Though it is difficult (maybe impossible?) to find imported Kilishi, you can get Kilishi that is made in the US, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it’s pretty close to the real stuff!

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What are your favourite Nigerian snacks? Which do you most want to try? Let us know in the comments!

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