7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

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7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

South America has some of the most flavourful foods in the world. With influences from Spain, France, Portugal, and the indigenous peoples of the region, the continent is brimming with delicious food.

From the beef in Argentina to the pisco sours of Peru, your tastebuds can go on an endless adventure. We’ve collected 7 of the best food tours in South America. So the next time you find yourself in one of these countries, think about signing up for a tour!

1. De La Mesa Bogota Food Tours – Colombia

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

De La Mesa offers a number of food tours throughout the city of Bogota in Colombia. From street food tours to market experiences and coffee tastings. But perhaps the most interesting of the tours is the Ajiaco Workshop. With this tour, guests are invited into the kitchen of one of the most popular markets in the city. You wander through the market to select ingredients, chat with the locals, and are then taught how to prepare ajiaco, one of the most famous dishes in Bogota.

Not only are you tasting the food, but you get a chance to make it yourself. Immerse yourself for the afternoon in the market culture and learn how the experts do it!

2. Parilla Tour Buenos Aires – Argentina

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

Buenos Aires is an incredible city. My first time visiting, I rushed out at 11 pm and went to an all you can eat meat restaurant called La Vaca. It was amazing. Then we wandered the streets and visited various bars until returning to our ship at 6 am, where we watched the sunrise from the front balconies. Each time I was able to disembark in Buenos Aires, we went for the food. (And once the football stadium in La Boca.) But the meat was always incredible.

Parilla Tour brings you to some of the parilla (grill) spots in the city. You can choose from various neighbourhoods to explore, including Palermo, San Telmo, Liniers, or Recoleta. They have day tours and night tours. Try choripan, steaks, ice cream, and alcohol as you take in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires.

3. Urban Adventures: Food With Altitude – Bolivia

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

What’s better than exploring La Paz, Bolivia? Exploring La Paz, Bolivia with a focus on the food! Urban Adventures is a well-known company with tours that operate all over the world. The very first stop on this tour is a restaurant. Dive into the Bolivian cuisine immediately and learn about the history of the area and the food.

Explore the markets and overwhelm yourself with sweet fruits before getting to taste test some chocolate! Any food tour with chocolate in it is A+ in my books. Head to a restaurant that serves fish caught in the nearby lake and stroll through the street vendors for some snacks and a sunset view.

This 3.5-hour tour also uses the local transit to get around, allowing you to truly explore the city in an authentic manner.

4. Urban Adventures: Quito Sweet Culinary Experience – Ecuador

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

Urban Adventures makes the list again with this food tour of Ecuador. This unique tour focuses on the nation’s sweeter side, focusing on desserts and sweets. While wandering through the market you’ll pick up ingredients for a sweet treat that you’ll be making later! Visit one of the city’s oldest bakeries before you are taken to a local neighbourhood. Enter the home of a well-known cook where you’ll be given an informal lesson on how to cook some of Ecuador’s most famous treats!

5. Eat Rio Tours – Brazil 

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

Eat Rio Tours is one of the most famous tour groups in Brazil. Their shortest tour is 3 hours and their longest ones are 5-6. Eat Rio Tours are not just designed to help you find the best food spots in Rio de Janeiro, but also learn how to navigate the city so that you can enjoy the rest of your time there as much as possible. This tour is great to add to one of your first days in the city.

Eat Rio shows you the hidden treasures and wants to avoid making you feel like you’re overly touristy. The aim is to feel like you’re being shown around by a friend.

Their evening bar tour takes you to places rarely frequented by tourists to give you as authentic a Brazilian experience as possible. If you’re a foodie looking to explore Rio, Eat Rio Tours is a must-try.

6. Urban Adventures: Santiago Bites and Sites – Chile

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

Explore Santiago, Chile through its restaurants and markets. This Urban Explorers tour takes you through public transit to La Alameda, where the old and new city blend together. Stopping for authentic Chilean cuisine and bartering in the markets, you’ll experience a whole new side of this Spanish city.

With enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, you’ll be sure to remember this tour for years to come.

7. Lima Gourmet Food Tours – Peru

7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

Peru is widely known as one of the if not the country for food tourism. The eclectic and varied dishes throughout the country make it an absolute MUST-see for foodies around the globe. The Lima Gourmet Company offers food tours and is known to be one of the best companies to travel with.

Choose from one of their tours: day or night. Explore Lima while tasting coffee at a traditional roastery, smoothies at a garden cafe, fruits at the market, and Peruvian dishes amid pre-Incan ruins. Perhaps the highlight of the tour is the cooking class where you are taught to create cebiche (or ceviche depending on the country) which is a fish-dish marinated in lime juice, and craft your own pisco sours, the drink of Peru. I remember sipping complimentary pisco sours in the desert. I would go back to Peru just for that drink alone.

The night tour gives you some of the same experiences, including the dinner among the ruins and the cebiche/pisco sour class. You can’t go wrong with either of these adventurous options. And if you don’t have time for a long tour, you can take just the cebiche/pisco sour class.

Which of these food tours would you most like to take? What’s the best food you’ve had in South America? Let us know in the comments!