8 Chilean Snacks to Try Before You Die

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8 Chilean Snacks to Try Before You Die

The Republic of Chile (known to most as just Chile) is the world’s narrowest country, though not the longest. It stretches across the south of South America and houses the world’s biggest swimming pool. Chile is a part of the cultural region known as Latin America. Countries in Latin America are well-known for their flavourful foods. Though most of these foods are found within the countries themselves, or must be cooked from scratch, we did manage to collect a few Chilean snacks that you might find in Lider (the Chilean Walmart).

1. Guaguitas

Guaguitas, which translates to “little babies” are a gummy marshmallow treat in the shape of, well, little babies. Like a mix between a marshmallow and a Jelly Baby.

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2. Suny

Suny is a light coloured soft candy. These bite-sized pieces of caramel fudge will have you wondering how you went from “I’ll try one” to “They’re all gone” in a matter of minutes.

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3. Super 8

Super 8 (Super Ocho) is a chocolate bar sold by Nestle that is quite popular in Chile. This chocolate-covered wafer bar is reminiscent of Canada’s Coffee Crisp, without the coffee flavour. Sold in stores, on street corners, and even delivered to your car via vendors, Super 8’s are a staple Chilean snack.

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5. Negrita

Another Nestle product home to Chile is the Negrita. The Negrita is a vanilla cream-filled cookie covered in a chocolate coating. It looks very similar to a Tim Tam or Penguin cookie (from Australia and Britain respectively). Each package contains one cookie. Enough for a quick bite.

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4. Sahne-Nuss

Despite being a Chilean product, the name Sahne-Nuss comes from the German for Creamy and Nutty, two ways to describe this nut-filled milk chocolate product. When researching this, I solved the McKay-Nestle mystery. The Sahne-Nuss chocolate was originally created by Hucke Hermanos. They were bought out by McKay, who was bought by Nestle, though the McKay name remains on various products. So there’s your Chilean history lesson for the day.

I digress. This milk-chocolate, almond-filled bar is perfect for any of your nutty cravings.

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5. Criollitas

Nestle seems to be swiping up the snack food scene in Chile. Searching criollitas will have you up to your ears in water crackers, but searching criollitas Chile will provide much sweeter results. The company name on these was intriguing to me. I couldn’t find anything on the McKay company, but the treats they make are also branded by Nestle. Perhaps it’s a sub-company owned by Nestle that runs primarily, if not exclusively in Latin America? I may have to do more digging to find out.

Nevertheless, Nestle/McKay’s Criollitas are small vanilla cookies with a dusting of icing sugar. Their tagline is “Mas ricas no hay”: “There is nothing richer.”

8. Tigreton

Tigreton candies get their name from their tiger-like stripes | 8 Chilean Snacks to Try Before You Die

Tigreton gets its name from the stripes running through this candy. Unusually flavoured with banana and chocolate, they claim to be great for birthday parties or just to share with friends. But we all know if I get my hands on a bag, there will be little to no sharing going on. There’s also a strawberries and cream flavour.

6. Cuchufli

Cuchufli is a popular snack in Chile and Argentina that I desperately need to get my hands on. A tube of cookie/wafer (similar to that of a waffle cone), often filled with something sweet like dulce de leche (a milk caramel that runs rampant in Latin America), and sometimes covered in chocolate.

Get. In. My. Mouth. Ahora.

Chilean Flag | 8 Chilean Snacks to Try Before You Die

To be honest, when it comes to foods, Latin America tends to prefer homemade over-processed. Snacks are bought from carts and bakeries, fresh and hot. Really, that’s the way it should be. But we did manage to find these Chilean snacks that you may just be able to import and enjoy from wherever you live in the world. And remember, if you want to sound authentic, it’s “Chee-lay” not “Chilly”.

Did we miss any pivotal Chilean snacks? Do you have a favourite from this list? Or a country you’d like to see a list for? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Jon says:

    These snacks all look delicious and I am a chocolate wafer fan so I will have to try Super 8 and I think that guacacitas look tasty. Do you think that these snacks are healthier than American candy or snacks and why do you think that Chilean snacks are unique compared to other snacks from other countries?

    • CJ Greene CJ Greene says:

      Hello Jon!

      In terms of which snacks are healthier, it’s hard to say. I do think America tends to go a little overboard on the processed snacks, but a fair number of the snacks on this list are heavily processed as well. I think every country has unique snacks due to their cultures and the ingredients that grow in the area. Chilean snacks may be similar to a lot of snacks in other Latin American countries, but they’re quite unique compared to snacks in the UK, or perhaps Asia. 

  2. kimlee2694 says:

    To be truth, at the age of 53 now, out of the eight snacks that are being recommended, I had never  eaten any one of them. What a waste of my life for the past 53 years. I think i had to really consider to pick some up from some stores to try them. Thanks for your recommendations and thanks for letting me aware that i had missed such delicious stack for my past 53 years of life. Thanks

    • CJ Greene CJ Greene says:

      Kim Lee you have made me laugh out loud! “What a waste of my life for the past 53 years.” Hahahah. You’ve got a lovely sense of humour. I hope you’re able to find lots of snack foods from Chile and other countries to try throughout the next few years!

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