8 Interesting Snacks from Fiji

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8 Interesting Snacks from Fiji


My day in Fiji was certainly an interesting one. Determined to hike through the jungle and swim under a waterfall, my friends and I hopped on a trail that was supposedly a loop. After about an hour and a half of hiking, we popped out onto a road. That was it. The end of the trail. But wasn’t it a loop?

Apparently not. We wandered down a road into some research station. We walked in and asked for directions. We quickly realized it was going to take us ages to get back, we wouldn’t get to swim, and probably a few members of our party would be late for work.

So we took the ride offered to us by our new friend Bill at the research station and my coworker burned her bottom on the hot metal bed of the truck, but we got to swim and weren’t left alone, lost, in the jungle.

I also tried to use the wifi in McDonald’s and it said that the MB I used just logging in was my limit for the day.

But we had a great time. My only regret is not stopping to pick up some snack foods.

But if I ever get the chance to go back to Fiji, this is what’s on my shopping list.

1. Breakfast Crackers

These crackers, traditionally served with tea at breakfast, are said to have a flavour unique to the Pacific Islands. According to the FMF Company website, many competitors have tried to replicate the taste, but none have yet succeeded.

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2. Tymo

Tymo is a brand of cookie (biscuit) covered in chocolate with a flavourful cream in the centre. To be honest, I imagine it to be a lot like Australia’s Tim Tams or Britain’s Penguin Biscuits. But there is a coconut flavour I’m curious to try.


3. Thumbs Up Chips

8 Interesting Snacks from Fiji

I believe these are made in Fiji, but the potatoes are imported from New Zealand. Thumbs Up seems like your run-of-the-mill line of potato chips, but they have a Spicy Garlic flavour I’ve not seen elsewhere yet and would be more than willing to give a try.


4. Dalo (Taro) Chips

Dalo, or Taro is a plant that grows in Fiji and is one of its exports. They make Taro chips that I would love to try. I don’t really know anything about the plant and would be interested in experiencing its flavour.


5. Sunrise Peas

8 Interesting Snacks from Fiji

Fiji has a brand of dried peas called Sunrise that are flavoured and ready to eat. These crunchy snacks come in two flavours: Chicken, and Chilli and Garlic. I’d be up to try either, but I must admit I’m most curious about the chicken flavoured peas.


6. Bongo

I knew a man named Bongo once. We were good friends. I think it was his last name and honestly, at this point, I don’t remember. I had to dip out after he told me he was in love with me and then guilted me for weeks after for not being in love with him back. He was also married and nearly 20 years older than me. Yikes.

But that fond memory does not put me off this ring-shaped corn puff of the same name. Bongo, a snack from Fiji, comes in two flavours: Cheese and Chicken. Pick your poison.

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7. Peanut Ruffs

Peanut Ruffs are a peanut butter flavoured corn puff in the shape of a peanut. They sound alright to me but they must really be something else. There’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to people trying to get a hold of a package.

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8. Red Jalebi

Red Jalebi looks a bit like licorice laces, but it’s actually made of flour. This pasta-like snack is comprised of flour gram and lentil flour that is deep-fried in butteroil. It’s then covered in syrup that makes it sticky and sweet. The perfect snack!


Which of these snacks from Fiji would you most like to try? Have you had any of these before? Let us know in the comments!

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