9 Argentinian Snacks to Have Your Taste Buds Doing the Tango

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9 Argentinian Snacks to Have Your Taste Buds Doing the Tango

Ushuaia was the first place I ever visited in Argentina. The mountains captivated me. I hiked through the Tierra del Fuego National Park and learned about how beavers were destroying the ecosystem. Beavers imported from my own country. Eek.

The night I spent in Buenos Aires was filled with adventure, running around the city until the sun rose. Eating more meat than I could handle and drinking a Peruvian Pisco Sour. It was a grand adventure.

Argentina is known for their meat and other foods. As well as the landscapes of Patagonia, football, gauchos, and of course, the tango.

But they also have some pretty great snacks. Here are some of our favourite Argentinian snacks!

1. Bon o Bon Alfajor

Alfajor’s are a popular snack food throughout Latin America. Argentina has a brand called Bon o Bon (under the Arcor company) that deals with many different snack foods, alfajors included. Bon o Bon’s mission was to create sweet treats that would please adults and children alike. Their alfajors come in Chocolate and White Chocolate. Essentially, they are caramel cookies with a peanut butter-type filling dipped in chocolate. That sounds like an excellent way to start off our list!

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2. Arcor’s Turron y Mani Wafers

Another Arcor product, these wafers filled with a peanut nougat and bits of peanuts. It’s light, chewy, and bursting with flavour, making it a choice snack around Argentina.

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3. Pico Dulce

Stepping away from peanuts (for just a small moment, I promise we’ll be back), we reach the Pico Dulce. This little lollipop packs a punch with fruity flavouring. They’re stacked in a weird spirally tube shape, with a mix of colours but only one flavour. And the sweets themselves may be small, but the flavour is anything but!

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4. Bon o Bon Suave

Remember when I said we’d be back to peanuts? Well here we are! In Spanish, suave means soft. These tiny treats from Bon o Bon are like soft little balls of chocolate filled with a peanut butter-type substance. There’s a little slice of wafer at the bottom that adds a satisfying crunch. Mmmm.

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5. Chocolinas

Chocolinas are like butter cookies, but chocolate. These tiny cookies are often used in baking but are also great to just eat on their own. And it’s very easy to blast through an entire package without realizing it.

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6. Cachafaz Chocolate Rice Bar

These unique Argentinian snacks consist of a bar of whole brown rice, puffed, and dipped in chocolate. Imagine a chocolate-dipped rice cake and that’s essentially what you get. Healthier and lighter than a regular chocolate bar, the Cachafaz Chocolate Rice Bar is a great little snack.

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7. Bon o Bon Barra

Welcome back to Bon o Bon. This time, the chocolate-peanut treat is in bar form. Filled with wafer cookies as well, this chocolate bar has the sweetness followed by the freshness of the wafers that helps keep it from feeling too heavy.

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8. Hojalmar Triangulos

These little puff pastries are fluffy and crispy. In tiny triangles, (or rectangles) they are buttery and topped with sugar. Perfect to have with a cup of tea or coffee. You could eat them plain or top them with fruit. Heat them up or stick them in ice cream. There are endless ways to enjoy these tiny pastries.

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9. Don Satur Bicochos Dulces

These unique Argentinian snacks are tiny sponge cake cookies with a lovely sweetness. Traditionally enjoyed with yerba mate, these are the perfect light afternoon snack.

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Did your favourite Argentinian snacks make the list? Which of these would you like to try? What snacks do you feel like we’re missing? Let us know in the comments!

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