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Quiz – Which Snack Food Are You?

We all know you’re a total snack. The question is, which one are you? For more quizzes, click here!

8 Chilean Snacks to Try Before You Die

The Republic of Chile (known to most as just Chile) is the world’s narrowest country, though not the longest. It stretches across the south of South America and houses the world’s biggest swimming pool. Chile is a part of the cultural region known as Latin America. Countries in Latin America are well-known for their flavourful…
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10 Illegal Foods Throughout the World

I’m a big fan of letting people eat what they want. You want to eat two whole pizzas to yourself? Go for it. You want to put gravy on pickles? Hey, me too! The only food I think no one should ever eat again is celery. But it turns out not everyone agrees. So much…
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The History of Chewing Gum – From Chicle to Chiclets

As a kid, I was a total gum lover. Do you know that old song “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor” [on the bedpost overnight]? Yeah? Mine didn’t. I’d chew the same piece for three days, leaving it stuck to my bed while I slept. A few unfortunate times I fell asleep with it…
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Top Thirteen Most Canadian Snacks, Eh?

When you think of Canadian cuisine I can’t imagine you’re flooded with a large selection of mouthwatering foods. I would actually hazard a guess that most people, when trying to think of uniquely Canadian cuisine, end up thinking “????”. So I was surprised when I set out to write a list of Canadian snacks to find more material than…
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