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11 English Snacks that Everyone Should Try

England is one of my favourite countries of all time. It feels like magic to me. I know, having travelled quite a bit now, that it’s not nearly one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been to, especially in terms of geography, but it feels like home. My mother grew up in Cornwall, and…
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10 Greek Snacks to Take Your Taste Buds on a Trip

Greece is one of my top 5 places to visit, which means I hope to get over there in the next ten years or so. This series of beautiful islands in the Mediterranean is a huge tourism hot spot. And for good reason. The weather is wonderful, the landscape is gorgeous and the food is…
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Chocolate Fish and Filipinos – 8 Snacks from Spain to Satisfy Your Cravings

Spain is one of the big world colonizers. Their influence can be felt through much of the Americas and Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Don Quixote, a novel written in Spain, is considered to be the world’s first modern novel. The Spanish love to eat, and of course,…
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Top 9 Amazing Snacks from France

One of the things the French are best known for is their cuisine. France is a world of culinary delights. This extends not only to their main courses, but to their desserts, appetizers, and even their snack foods. We’ve curated a list of 10 Amazing Snacks from France for you to check out the next…
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8 of the Best Snacks from Ireland

Ireland is usually on our radar a few times a year: St. Patrick’s Day and every time you pass a box of Lucky Charms in the cereal aisle. But this land of castles, pubs, and rolling hills is also home to a number of unique snack foods. We’ve worked to compile for you a list…
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