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Samoan Snacks Everyone Should Try

This is going to be a very short article, as unfortunately, it’s very hard to find Samoan snacks. A lot of popular snacks in Samoa are actually shared with surrounding islands, including Fiji. So check out the article on snacks from Fiji! I almost made it to the island of Samoa. So close. However, our…
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8 Interesting Snacks from Fiji

Bula! My day in Fiji was certainly an interesting one. Determined to hike through the jungle and swim under a waterfall, my friends and I hopped on a trail that was supposedly a loop. After about an hour and a half of hiking, we popped out onto a road. That was it. The end of…
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12 New Zealand Snacks You Must Try At Least Once

New Zealand is a gorgeous country in the South Pacific that unfortunately gets lumped together with Australia quite often. It’s understandable. They’re in close proximity, they both share many products, and to an outsider, the accents are extremely similar. But calling a Kiwi an Aussie tends to provoke the same reaction as calling a Canadian…
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