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10 Venezuelan Snacks you Must Not Miss

Many people know Venezuela to be the country with the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls. A lesser-known fact is that Venezuela banned the Simpsons from public television, reasoning that it might be a bad influence on children. It was replaced by…….Baywatch. However, like many Latin American countries, Venezuela does not shy away from having amazing…
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7 of the Best Food Tours in South America

South America has some of the most flavourful foods in the world. With influences from Spain, France, Portugal, and the indigenous peoples of the region, the continent is brimming with delicious food. From the beef in Argentina to the pisco sours of Peru, your tastebuds can go on an endless adventure. We’ve collected 7 of…
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9 Argentinian Snacks to Have Your Taste Buds Doing the Tango

Ushuaia was the first place I ever visited in Argentina. The mountains captivated me. I hiked through the Tierra del Fuego National Park and learned about how beavers were destroying the ecosystem. Beavers imported from my own country. Eek. The night I spent in Buenos Aires was filled with adventure, running around the city until…
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11 Brazilian Snacks to Put to the (Taste) Test

Brazil: The largest country in South America and the only one that speaks Portuguese. This gorgeous country is home to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and the gorgeous Iguazu Falls. As with most Latin American countries, Brazil has an amazing culture of food. Most foods throughout South and Central America are similar between countries due…
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7 Colombian Snacks to Try

When I think of Colombia, one major thing comes to mind: Coffee. Colombia is a vibrant, colourful country full of culture. I spent my 26th birthday in Cartagena, canoeing through mangrove tunnels and touring a small portion of the old city. There was also an aviary that we frequented there. I fulfilled my dream of…
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8 Chilean Snacks to Try Before You Die

The Republic of Chile (known to most as just Chile) is the world’s narrowest country, though not the longest. It stretches across the south of South America and houses the world’s biggest swimming pool. Chile is a part of the cultural region known as Latin America. Countries in Latin America are well-known for their flavourful…
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