My Disney World Snacks Bucket List

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My Disney World Snacks Bucket List

It’s April 25, 2020. I was well on my way to planning a Disney World adventure in September (my first time ever!) but of course, COVID-19 puts everything way up in the air. Sure, things may be starting to get back to normal by September, but there’s a number of factors that could continue to push my trip back.

1. Maybe we’re not back to normal by September.

2. My work hours have been drastically reduced meaning I may not have the money by September.

3. My friend who I am going with still works on cruise ships. She’s still on her ship at the moment but if she gets sent home at any point during this pandemic, she may have to restart her contract, meaning she won’t be available to go in September.

Regardless of what happens, we’re still planning on going. Whether it’s in September or October or November. Heck, I’d prefer not to go in December but if we must, we must.

No matter when we go, I’m sure we’ll have a blast. And as we’re stuck at home right now, only able to dream of travel, I’ve been planning my travel in my mind. And one thing I’m planning is my Disney World Snacks Bucket List. Also known as all the snacks I want to try while at Disney World.

There are so many amazing snacks at Disney, and I know myself. I can very easily go overboard in my snacking and leave myself feeling ill. I certainly don’t want to feel sick for an hour or more while braving the Florida heat and going on rides that already make my stomach turn, so I’m limiting myself to a TOP THREE snacks for each day that I’m there (one day per park). If there are any runners up that I will consider if I feel up to it, I’ll list them as well.

So let’s take a look!

Animal Kingdom

Name: Night Blossom


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Location: Pongu Pongu Lounge

What: This slush-drink is colourful and tangy. It’s layered with bright pink and green limeade with apple and desert pear flavours. It’s topped with fruit boba balls, which is the one part I’m not quite sure of. Something about tiny jelly balls makes me squirm, which is why I’m nervous about trying bubble tea. But I’ll give it a try.

Name: Simba Sunsets


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Location: Tamu Tamu Eats and Refreshments

I’d never heard of Dole Whip until I started researching Disney World. It turns out, this treat is almost the unofficial Disney snack! The Simba Sunsets is classic pineapple Dole Whip topped with strawberry, coconut, and watermelon flavoured syrup. Depending on how I’m feeling that day, I may upgrade it to a King’s Cooler, which is the same product with added rum. A perfect drink for a hot day.

Name: Baked Mac and Cheese


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Location: Eight Spoons Cafe

Baked Mac and Cheese is a great option because yes it’s a snack but it can totally be your entire lunch. The Eight Spoon Cafe serves three versions of baked mac and cheese: regular, with pulled pork, or with shrimp and sweet chilli sauce. There’s an option for everyone!

Hollywood Studios

Name: Green or Blue Milk


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Location: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Milk

This replication drink from the infamous Star Wars series is immensely popular. What looks like a glass of green or blue milk is actually more smoothie-like in texture. These drinks are vegan friendly as they’re actually made with rice and coconut milk. The Blue Milk, which was featured in Star Wars: A New Hope, is flavoured like pineapple, dragonfruit, and watermelon. The Green Milk’s flavour is mandarin orange, passionfruit, grapefruit, and orange blossom. Both sound amazing, though I’m not sure I can afford the $16 it would cost to try them both out. Perhaps they’d do a half-and-half for me?

Name: Key Lime Pie on a Stick


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Location: Neighborhood Bakery

This treat is exactly what it sounds like. It is a key lime pie… on a stick. Okay. So it’s not a slice of pie on a stick, exactly. It looks like an ice cream bar but under the blue, white chocolate shell is key lime cream and graham cracker crumble.

Name: Totchos


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Location: Toy Story Land, Woody’s Lunch Box

Think nachos made with tater tots instead of chips and you have Totchos. Again, more of a lunch than a snack, these filling potato treats will have you begging for more.


Name: Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar


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Location: Ice Cream Carts Throughout All Parks

If you’ve ever been to Dairy Queen, just picture this as a Dilly Bar shaped like Mickey Mouse. It’s a classic, soft-serve ice cream bar on a stick, coated in a hard shell of chocolate. Perfect for a quick refreshment. Though I’m sure it will melt quite quickly!

Name: Shave Ice (Kakigori)


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Location: Japan, Kabuki Cafe

It’s not that I can’t get shaved ice when I’m not at Disney, it’s just that it’s such an amazing snack on those hot days. The mixture of sweet and refreshing makes it feel like I’m sitting on a beach. The shaved ice at Epcot comes in a ton of different flavours as well.

Name: Tacos al Pastor


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Location: Mexico, Choza de Margarita

C’mon. If there’s a Mexico Pavillion, you don’t think I’m going to skip out on the tacos, do you? Not a chance. These will 100% be on my list when I reach Epcot. I’m looking forward to them already. And though I’m sure my memory won’t serve me as well by that point, I’m excited to see how well they live up to the real thing.

Magic Kingdom

Name: LeFou’s Brew


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Location: Fantasyland, Gaston’s Tavern

This beer-looking drink is another great way to cool down. Located in Gaston’s Tavern and named after his loveable(?) sidekick, LeFou’s Brew is made of frozen apple juice with a slight flavouring of toasted marshmallow, topped with mango and passionfruit foam! How amazing does that sound?

Name: Cheshire Cat’s Tail


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Location: Fantasyland, Cheshire Cafe

This is a new twist on a chocolate croissant. The Cheshire Cat’s Tail is a braided pastry filled with chocolate and drizzled with pink and purple icing. Chocolate chips are sprinkled on top as well. It looks amazing, and I hope it tastes just as great.

Name: Peter Pan Float


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Location: Fantasyland, Storybook Treats

The Peter Pan float uses a light green, lime soft-serve ice cream atop Sprite. It honestly sounds amazingly refreshing and I’ll take seven. To add a little extra Peter Pan charm, there’s a red feather garnish that’s made of chocolate. 


Name: Mickey Celebration Donut


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Location: Main Street Bakery

This donut is GIANT. To be honest, I think the only way I’ll purchase it is if my friend wants to split it. Not because it’s too big for one person, but because it’s $9 for one donut! Eek! Honestly, I’m going to have to set aside just a snack budget. Forget about real meals, I’ll be snacking only for the entire time I’m there. The Mickey Celebration donut comes in Chocolate and Vanilla, or you can pick it up at the Cheshire Cafe in Strawberry.

What are your favourite Disney World snacks? If you’ve never been, which snacks would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments!

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