Samoan Snacks Everyone Should Try

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Samoan Snacks Everyone Should Try

This is going to be a very short article, as unfortunately, it’s very hard to find Samoan snacks. A lot of popular snacks in Samoa are actually shared with surrounding islands, including Fiji. So check out the article on snacks from Fiji!

I almost made it to the island of Samoa. So close. However, our itinerary changed so we did not cross the International dateline and instead turned around after American Samoa. However, the islands in French Polynesia and Samoa are gorgeous. Robert Louis Stevenson (the author of Treasure Island) actually settled in Samoa. Samoans have their own version of cricket called kilikiti. It’s a beautiful culture steeped in tradition. They do have their own culinary experience, however, commercially produced snack foods are less popular and are usually imported from Fiji or Australia and New Zealand.

There are two Samoan snacks you can find online, though.

Breadfruit Chips

Okay, so this particular brand of breadfruit chips that I was able to find isn’t Samoan. But Samoa does produce breadfruit chips. Despite it’s name, breadfruit is more used as a vegetable. It’s high in starch, similar to yucca or a potato. And like yucca and potato, breadfruit has been made into chips! Try them out!

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Koko Samoa

Cocoa is an important product in Samoa. They’ve passed laws to prevent any foreign cocoas from being grown or any pests that may kill their cocoa plants. Koko Samoa is pure cocoa, from the cocoa beans of Samoa. Cocoa beans are ground into a paste that is left to solidify into a solid block of pure chocolate. You can throw the block into your boiling water, or create a powder or grate it, it’s up to you. Is Koko Samoa better than your favourite cocoa? You’ll have to try it and let me know.

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I wish I had more Samoan snacks for you to discover. However, after quite a bit of research, I was coming up with all of the snacks I’d seen for Fiji. There were a couple of other snacks, but nowhere to purchase them online. I hope you try these two snacks from Samoa, though. Have an idea for another country? Let us know in the comments!

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